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Los Angeles is often associated with red carpets, but the city is increasingly embracing green. Hotels throughout L.A. are leaders in green design, resulting in their recognition through Green Seal™ and LEED Certification. Enjoy your L.A. experience and go green by staying at a Green Seal certified hotel. Hotels with the Green Seal™ certification are leaders in sustainability and adhere to guidelines with an on-site audit. Find out more about eco-friendly hotels that will ensure your next stay in Los Angeles is a green one.

Green Meetings

LACC is honored to be a LEED Gold certified facility and strives to reduce its environmental impact while providing a positive experience to clients and guests.

LACC's commitment to environmental stewardship has been recognized by numerous organizations, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the United States Green Building Council.

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Green L.A. Hotels

Hotels throughout L.A. are leaders in green design, earning Green Seal™ and LEED Certification with energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems, water-saving fixtures and recycling programs. The three levels under which lodging properties may apply for certification are as follows:

  • Bronze: an entry level that contains essential leadership elements of a lodging operation.
  • Silver: a more comprehensive level of required leadership operations.
  • Gold: subsumes the second and adds additional criteria characterizing properties that are at the forefront of environmental leadership.

With a total of 6,800 guest rooms certified, L.A. has the most Green Seal-Certified hotel rooms of any major U.S. city. Learn more about L.A.'s hotels that have been certified by Green Seal™ in collaboration with the City of Los Angeles Green Lodging Program.

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Other Green L.A. Initiatives

From farm-fresh local produce year-round, environmentally conscious stores and electric rental cars and charging stations, L.A.’s green-friendly businesses and activities truly make us the “Emerald City” of sustainability initiatives. Learn more about L.A.'s other green initiatives including:

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