Ghost-Hunting in West Hollywood

Looking to do a little ghost hunting? West Hollywood has been the playground for film stars, rock stars and even mobsters over the decades. They may be gone nowadays, but their spirits certainly linger, according to some. With Halloween approaching, it's definitely time for some ghost hunting around the neighborhood. Chills await at some of these West Hollywood spots.


The Den

Strange noises, doors opening and closing - employees here have seen everything after-hours. Grab a drink here and you never know who, or what, might join you.

8226 Sunset Blvd.

The Comedy Store

It opened as a nightclub in 1940, where people flocked to spend their evenings and have a good time. So it's no surprise that the spirits from way back are looking to continue the fun by turning the now-famous comedy club back into the nightclub they knew when the doors close every night. Pianos play by themselves, furniture rearranges and vanishing figures can sometimes be seen.

8433 Sunset Blvd.

Book Soup

The historic bookstore once had a very otherwordly neighbor - a mortuary that closed in the 1950's. It also boasts a "magical passageway" to Mystery Pier bookstore, where you can find rare first editions. Who knows what literary spirits accompany you on your search?

8818 W Sunset Blvd.

Barney's Beanery

Built in 1927, this favorite hangout is known to harbor a few spooky secrets, like apparitions upstairs and shadowy figures lurking about. As if that wasn't scary enough, Janis Joplin is said to have had her last drinks there before her death.

8447 Santa Monica Blvd.

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